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Professional 25 TPH Water Softener Plant Easy Operation 2000*1700*800mm

Professional 25 TPH Water Softener Plant Easy Operation 2000*1700*800mm

Professional 25 TPH Water Softener Plant Easy Operation 2000*1700*800mm

Product Details:

Place of Origin: HEBEI, CHINA
Brand Name: FEIYUE
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: FY170075

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: wooden case
Supply Ability: 15 set per week
Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Industrial Water Softener Machine Usage: Soften Water Equipment
Tank Material: FRP Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 25T/H Size: 2000*1700*800mm
Function: Sofened Water Treatment

Professional 25 TPH Water Softener Plant Easy Operation 2000*1700*800mm
The working process of water softener, generally consists of the following steps: cyclic backwashing, salt
absorption (regeneration), slow flushing (replacement), quick rinse five process. All processes of different
softening water equipment are very close, just because the actual process or different control needs, there
may be some additional procedures. Any of the sodium ion exchange based water softening equipment is
developed based on these five processes.

The automatic softener operation program:
A. Operation (work)
Raw water in a certain pressure (0.2-0.6Mpa), flow rate, the body cavity by the controller, into the
containers of ion exchange resin (resin cans), resin contained in Na + and the cation in the water (Ca2 +,
magnesium 2 +, Fe2 +, etc) to exchange, which makes water of Ca2 +, magnesium 2 + ion content meet
the established requirements, to achieve the softening of hard water.
B. Backwashing
After the resins are expired, the backwash is carried out from bottom to bottom before recycling.The
purpose of reverse washing is to have two, one is through reverse washing, make the resin layer that runs
medium pressure is loosened, favorable to the resin particle and the regeneration liquid to make full
contact;The first is that the suspended solids and broken resins accumulated on the surface of the resin
are discharged with anti-wash water, so that the flow resistance of the exchanger will not become larger
and larger.
C. Regenerated Salt:
The regenerated salt solution is used to restore the original exchange capacity under certain concentration
and discharge.
D. Replacement (Slow Cleaning)
In the regeneration solution into after exchanger is not involved in the regeneration of salt solution
exchange, with less than or equal to the velocity of regenerated liquid water for cleaning (slow cleaning), in
order to make full use of the role of regenerating salt liquid and reduce the wash load.
E. Washing (Quick Cleaning)
The aim is to remove residual waste from the resin layer and usually clean it at normal flow rate until the
water is qualified.
F. Regeneration Tank Water Flooding
The amount of salt required to regenerate the solution once more is injected into the regeneration tank
System Configuration Details List:
The hardness of water is mainly composed of cations: Ca2 +andMg2 + ions.When containing raw water
hardness ions through the exchanger resin layer, the water of calcium and magnesium ions with sodium
ions in resin in displacement, resin absorption of calcium, magnesium ion and sodium ion in the water, so
from escaping from the exchange of water is to remove the demineralized water hardness ions.Along with
the ongoing exchange process, resin Na + all lose their ability to exchange, after it was put out at this point
you must use the sodium chloride solution for resin regeneration, the resin adsorption of Ca2 +,
magnesium 2 + displacement, resin adsorption of sodium ions, again returned to soften the exchange

Product Name 60-100 ton softened water
Resin model cation exchange resin
Working temperature 2-50℃
Voltage 220V/380V
Installation requirements foundation level


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Professional 25 TPH Water Softener Plant Easy Operation 2000*1700*800mm


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